Friends of mine are going through the process of their own weight loss surgeries. I refered them to this blog and through that realized it was *way* out of date. So:

To start, let’s pull up that chart.

Time from Surgery


Pounds to lose for me

Goal weight for me


1 Mo.





3 Mo.





6 Mo.





9 Mo.





12 Mo.





15 Mo.





18 Mo.





24 Mo.(2 Yr)





3 Years





5 Years





Now, I cannot remember where I got this chart and can’t find it online, so… The information may be out of date, but it’s what I have, so, let’s go with it.

As a reminder, my starting weight was 317.5. What I consider to be my ‘excess weight’ is anything that puts me over a high-end normal BMI of 25. At 5’7″ that is 160 pounds for a woman. That means my excess weight was 157.5 pounds. From there, I plugged in my own pounds to have lost by certain milestones.

(For the sake of thouroughness I decided at the end of this post to re-do the chart with anything over the low-end normal BMI of 18.5.)

This chart only goes out to 5 years post-op, but I’m 7 years post op. My current weight is 202.5, with an all-time-low of 183. You can see that from this chart, my being at 183 was below any average expectations, even though it isn’t my goal weight of 160. There ARE people who lose ALL of their excess weight, but it’s not 100% expected.

At 2 years post-op I was comfortably below the 2 year average, and 5 years post-op I was comfortably below the 5 year average.

I will fully admit that the fact that I am again gaining is a bit terrifying, but I can also admit that I have slid back into some bad habits. I could partially blame it on a medication change (one of my medications was going to be $200 out-of-pocket each MONTH, so we had to change it to something I could afford when my insurance changed in March), moving twice in 11 months, buying a house for the first time, job changes, etc. etc., but I think it’s also dangerous to put the blame on those things since blaming is generally how we get to our weight situation in the first place.

So, I’m going to try to do better. I had gotten into the habit of going ahead and eating simple carbs when I didn’t need to, and snacking way more than I should.

I know that I have a carb-addiction-type body chemistry, so I’ve decided to avoid them as much as humanly possible until dinner time. I have noticed that, with this, I am much less likely to get afternoon snack cravings. Instead of having leftover dinner for lunch, which may involve carbs, I have a salad with good greens and protein, and now, frankly, I get cranky when I can’t have my lunch salad, lol. When we do go somewhere for lunch where I cannot as easily control that, I do find I am much more likely to want to snack snack snack later.

I also know I don’t get much exercise. Again, it sounds like I’m making excuses, but when I do get lots of steps in (well, lots for me means 5000+) I HURT. I have arthritis and fibromyalgia. I *like* that I CAN do longer days like around the local amusement park, walking around the mall, etc., but I do not like that it can put me completely out of action for days afterwards. I don’t honestly know if I could even keep up with a regular exercise regimen without my body betraying me, but I will try to figure something out.

Okay, lots of math coming. You have been warned!

Here is what the above chart would look like if I had done it for a goal BMI of 18.5 which translates to a (kind of ridiculous) weight of 118:

Time Post Op Avg. % Pounds for me Goal for me
1 month 20% 40 278
3 months 38% 76 242
6 months 57% 114 204
9 months 66% 132 186
12 months 73% 146 172
15 months 73% 146 172
18 months 73% 146 172
2 years 76% 152 166
3 years 71% 142 176
5 years 66% 132 186
5 years 66% 132 186

With this, I crunched numbers again and decided to see what my goal weight ‘should’ be if I was on track for where the averages expect me to be 5 years post op. That says that if my goal weight were 144 pounds (BMI 22.5) I would be right where the averages are for 5 years post op.

ie, if I had done the above chart with a goal weight of 144 pounds, 5 years post op my weight according to the averages would be respectable at where it is, 202.5

So, now that your brain hurts from all the math (at least, mine does), um, bye!