Wow. It’s been two years.

So, my thoughts…

I haven’t quite reached my final goal, BUT, I’m relatively okay with that. Today I’m at 189. A year ago I was at 197.5. The lowest I’ve been was 185.5 back in January. So I guess you could say I’m kind of in maintenance mode (although I was 185 in January, I’ve been consistently a couple pounds up or down of 190 since about March) or a reeeeaaaalllly long stall, lol.

If you look at the chart that lists the average weight lost after surgery, it says that at the 12 month, 15 month, and 18 month marks people have lost an average of 73% of their excess weight. At 24 months that number is 76%. I’ve lost 81% of my excess weight.

Are there people that have lost it all by now? Sure! Do they have some magic secret? No… Are they any better than me? Nope, just different.

Am I happier and healthier. Heck YES.

Last month I went to the mall and a ton of stores were having sales. Lane Bryant was closing so I went in. Not a lot of stock left, but there was almost NOTHING in the store I could wear anymore. I’m at the bottom of their sizes now when I used to be hovering near the top. I went into CJ Banks because they were having a sale and while there were things I could wear, again, it was almost the smallest size they carried. Fortunately, I remembered that there was a Christopher Banks in that mall as well (the non-plus size version of the same store). I found a dress in a size 16 that I loved. And it was too big! I tried the 14. It was better but I decided to go see if there was a 12. Now, there wasn’t so I’m not sure which would have been the better fit, but still, I was amazed that I even had that option.

Another store was having another sale – Size L dress. Not 4x, not even XL in this case – L. (Different cuts mean that sometimes a XL is the fit on top or bottom, but sometimes it’s L).

Health wise, it’s fun to watch the blood pressure monitor at the doctor’s office. I never had high blood pressure (except when I was giving birth to my daughter, but that’s another story) but it hasn’t been this low in FOREVER. Sometimes the alarm goes off because it’s ‘too’ low, it’s kinda funny.

My knees are permanently damaged due to the abuse I have put them through (ballet and weight), but getting 125+ pounds off of them has made them much happier. The first time we came to our zoo here in Utah 3 years ago (so a year before surgery at 300+ pounds), we parked in the upper lot which meant a hike up a hill to go home. And I was MISERABLE. This past week we wound up parking in the upper lot again. And it was soooo much easier. This fall we’re going to Disneyland as a family. For the first time ever I will likely NOT be looking for a place to sit down every few minutes while there. I won’t worry about squishing into the ride cars (which is doubly good since it’s likely my 3 year old will want to be held on a lot of the rides, something that would have been almost impossible at 300 pounds). I will have to worry a bit about what to eat, but I’m armed with KNOWLEDGE!

So, bottom line, yes, I still really would like to lose those last 30 pounds, but I’m still VERY happy with how far I’ve come.

And, yes, I know I need a new picture. I’m working on it Smile