Yes, I’m cheating. This isn’t really a blog post, more a shameless plug. Sort of.

Anyhoo… yep, I’m on Pinterest, like half the internet. I have, of course, been pinning recipes. I have now organized a bunch of them into a board just for the WLS friendly recipes. It can be found here:

WLS Friendly Foods

There is also this one, where I kept ones that are vegan / vegetarian / pescatarian during Lent. Most if not all should also be WLS friendly.

Pescatarian / Vegetarian / Vegan

As for the rest of life – holding steady basically. I gain a few I lose a few but mostly end up right where I am 190-195 and 25-30 away from goal. But, I’m below 200, feel good and don’t have to wear plus size clothes. I’ve lost well over 100 pounds and that is AWESOME. Also, I’m ahead of averages, so I’m pretty happy Smile Do I want to lose those last pounds? Absolutely. Am I stressing over it? Nah…