I know, meatless jerky, yuck! Right?


This stuff is GOOD. I was wandering through Whole Foods the other day and remembered that I had seen a meatless jerky (‘jerquee’) mentioned by someone. I hadn’t been able to find the brand they had mentioned yet, so I thought I’d try Whole Foods. Seemed logical.

They still didn’t have that brand, but they had another brand. Primal Strips by Primal Spirit Foods.

The base is either soy, seitan (gluten based protein), or shiitake mushrooms for their 6 flavours – Teriyaki (seitan), Mesquite Lime (seitan), Hickory Smoke (soy), Texas BBQ (soy), Hot & Spicy (shiitake), and Thai Peanut (seitan). The seitan based ones are, of course, NOT gluten free, neither is the shitake based one, but the soy based ones ARE gluten free, for those with gluten issues.

When I asked someone about meatless jerky at Whole Foods, they not only showed me them in the store, they actually opened up a package so I could taste it right there. I was impressed, both with their customer service and with the product, lol. It was the Thai Peanut which is one of the seitan based ones. It was yummy and I was SOLD. I brought home the Thai Peanut, Hickory Smoke (tasted, yum), and Mesquite Lime and Texas BBQ, neither of which I’ve tasted yet.

They have between 6 and 11 grams of protein per serving, 74 – 108 calories in a serving, and 3 – 5 grams of sugar. Oh and between 7 and 11 grams of carbs.

One HUGE plus they have over meat jerky is that they’re SOFT. With even some of the best jerky out there I could chew and chew and chew and it wouldn’t feel chewed enough. If I got a particularly gristly piece – forget about it, I’d have to spit it out.

So. Yeah. Go check it out. They’re at Whole Foods, but at other local stores too.