As many of my friends have reminded me by posting about their girls’ upcoming sales, it’s Girl Scout Cookie time again.


I love Girl Scout Cookies. In some ways it’s the cookies themselves, in other ways it’s the memories of my time in Girl Scouts myself.

However, I can’t have them. A couple here and there maybe, but even that’s technically a big no-no. So. Imagine how excited I was to see this post recently:

Girl Scout Cookie Combat – 2012

It’s a list of protein shakes designed to mimic the flavour of the cookies, minus the actual cookies. It also mentions ways to support the cookie selling effort without having to actually take the cookies home and stare you in the face.

Disclaimer – I haven’t actually tried any of these recipes yet, which includes versions for Thin Mints (my favourite), Samoas, Tagalongs, Do-so-dos, and the new lemon cookie – Savannah Smiles, but you can bet I’ll be adding the ingredients I’m missing to my shopping cart when I go grocery shopping tomorrow, at least for a few. Not a lemon fan so I’ll be skipping that one likely.

As soon as I do try some, I’ll let you know my verdict.