So. I love love love this salad, but was having problems. It seemed like after eating it for a while I would get a UTI, or at least an irritation. Then I found that in certain people, soy can irritate the urinary tract. I was bummed.

Then, I found a recipe for a chickpea salad. It was just chickpeas, olive oil, cumin, lime, red onion, and cilantro, but it was YUMMY. It got me thinking.

So, I tried making the salad, but with garbanzos instead. I also wasn’t in the mood to go through the soaking and cooking process for the wheat berries, but I thought I’d try to substitute cooked quinoa instead, after having a yummy quinoa salad at a local grocery store.

In short, while it’s not exactly the same, it’s plenty yummy. Garbanzos / chickpeas do have less protein an more carbohydrates, but also have more fiber. The quinoa and red wheat berries are equal on protein, but the quinoa has less carbohydrates and less fiber.

So. There you go. A substitute for those that want it Winking smile