…life throws you a curve ball.

So, the hunger monster has abated a bit, yay. However… in my last post I mentioned that cookies and other carbs aren’t bothering me as much. I thought maybe it was only certain times that carbs were causing an issue, but now I think I’ve discovered that it’s actually FAT that’s causing an issue.

In the beginning, it was both – fats and carbs / sugars – that caused dumping syndrome, but the fat thing kind of went away and it was just sugar. Any amount of sugar pretty much, but not fats really.

The other day I had some leftover pasta and meat sauce at lunch time. No problems. But the other night I made home made macaroni and cheese to go with dinner and WHAM. Not so great. And I didn’t have all that much with dinner either, plus it was paired with a nice piece of chicken. I had some of the mac & cheese for leftovers today and I thought I was going to DIE. So I thought about it. I’ve had problems after eating a Whopper Jr. I thought it was the bread, but it was probably the fat. The other morning we went out to breakfast and I was not at all interested in the cheese on my scrambled eggs, or the sausage. Now, a Lean Pocket will sometimes give me an issue, so it’s still probably a combination of carbs and fat.

What really got me thinking was that I could eat, say, shortbread and it wouldn’t cause too much of an issue, or I could eat my home made sourdough with not much issue. The shortbreads are hardly fat free, but the bread is entirely fat free. You know, until I put some butter on it… anyway. It’s just flour, yeast, water and salt. That’s it. No fat. I had some mashed potatoes tonight with my dinner of pork loin, carrots and beans and felt fine.

Does this mean I’ll start mainlining carbs? Well, no… but it does look like I’ll have to really start watching fat more. Which is fine. Smile 

What I find fascinating is that I still have NO desire to start chowing down on Hershey’s bars or the like. Even though they may not cause as much issue as they used to, I don’t need them any more. That doesn’t explain why the cookies keep calling my names though… ah well.

Who said this was supposed to be easy?