I think….

Well, here’s the story. On, I believe it was, Friday, I checked my weight and it said 219. But this morning, my official weigh-in day, the scale said 214.5. I double checked it. Twice.

I’ve got a cold that has made me not so hungry and, well, um, has *emptied* me in more ways than one. Sorry…

So, that weight may not be all that accurate. Next week will tell the real story and I won’t be surprised if I’ve ‘gained’ some back.

I’m a super number-crunching type of person. I have a spread sheet that I track my weight on. I’ve even figured out where I should be on average to meet the post-weight loss averages from this chart:

Percentages are percentage of *excess weight*. So, the weight that puts me over a BMI of 25 which was 157 pounds of excess weight.

Time from Surgery Percentage Pounds for me to have lost
1 Month 20% 31
3 Months 38% 59
6 Months 57% 89
9 Months 66% 103
12 Months 73% 114
15 Months 73% 114
18 Months 73% 114
24 Months 76% 119
3 Years 71% 111
5 Years 66% 103

As you can see, I’ve lost almost 103 pounds before the 9 month mark. That’s why I’m not too concerned with the idea that I may step on the scale next week and have appeared to have gained back some weight. It’ll all work itself out in the end.

You can also see that I’m never ‘expected’ to lose all the excess weight, although, as I’ve said before, many many people do Smile

Okay. So. Next week. Smile