So, I had a follow-up appointment yesterday.

Due to various circumstances I hadn’t been able to get to a follow-up for a number of months, and I had only been meeting with the local PA instead of taking the trip down to the city to meet with everyone. Even *that* was, like, 4 months ago.

Trainer –
Encouraged me to exercise more regularly… I made all my usual excuses (been sick, tired, etc.) but promised to try to be more consistent. I have free gym access as late as 11:30pm so I really don’t have any excuse, and I have a used Gazelle at home. My plan is to go to the gym when the kids are down for bed. Brandon is home at that point so the kids have an adult around. I did go last night and discovered that the chest strap for my heart rate monitor watch automatically pairs with the equipment there. So, I hit the ‘fat burn’ button on the treadmill, set a time of 20 minutes and let it adjust as it saw fit. Worked great. I actually wound up doing 25 minutes because I was feeling just fine, although my heart rate was doing what it’s supposed to. I could have gone 30 minutes probably, but I had gotten there so late that I didn’t have enough time before the gym closed.

Nutrition –
We talked about vitamins. She did plan on putting in a lab order to check my vitamin levels, etc., but I forgot to pick that up. Was going to get a B12 shot since I haven’t been taking B12, forgot that too… So I need to talk to them about getting both of those. She gave me some calcium samples to try as I’m still trying to find a calcium that works for me. I’ve got the packets to add to my Crystal Light that were suggested by a fellow WLS guy, but I’m having a bit of issue with the grittiness. Not sure what’s up there. She did say that as I’m big on dairy in other areas (yogurt or shake for breakfast, etc.) that I probably only have to supplement 1000 instead of 1500.

Did a metabolic test. Hadn’t done one before, so this is my new ‘baseline’. Number was 2020. ‘Normal’ for my height is 1670-2226, so my metabolism is right where it should be. basically it means that where my metabolism is now, if I just got up in the morning and sat on my butt all day, I’d burn 2020 calories a day. There’s other numbers in there that I found fascinating. 42.1% body fat, so 93.3 pounds of Absolute Fat. We all will have some fat at a healthy weight (17-25% apparently), so, of course, I don’t need to lose *all* that 🙂

Doc –
Seemed genuinely pleased at my almost 100 pounds in 7 months! According to my calculations based on average weight loss after surgery, I’m right on schedule.

Although they stress no snacking in the seminar, he didn’t bite my head off when I told him I do occasionally have a snack. He’s not big on nuts and cheeses because of the calories, although I choose them for the protein. He’s bigger on the ‘less calorie dense’ foods like fruit and vegetables with some beans and meats. So, he just gave me a list of the things he’d rather I snack on if I’m going to snack. I did remind him that I do dump, so that’s why I’ve been leery of fruit, but I tried a nectarine yesterday and that seemed to be okay.

Last week I found out that my doctor has some videos on YouTube of various procedures. There isn’t a video up of the RNY Gastric Bypass yet, but there are videos of some of the other procedures – LapBand, Sleeve, and a new one, Imbrication. The Imbrication is only a little over a year old I believe. He was the first to perform that procedure West of the Mississippi. He’s also the first to do the Sleeve with a single incision.

They’re not too gruesome and can be found here, if you’re curious: