Thanks to Melissa, I have received my first blog award. Her blog is found at:

8 Things about Myself

hmmm… I knew there was a catch to this.

1.I am the proud mom of two miracles. Eion Gabriel was born at 32 weeks after 5 years of infertility. Emma Lynne was born after only one cycle of trying and was born at 38 weeks, a ‘full term’ baby, although there were bumps along the way

2. I am also the proud ‘mom’ of two fur babies. My golden retriever / yellow lab mix, 7 year old Sissy, and my stripey 7 year old kitty, Jewel.

3. I have moved 35 times in my 34 years of life.

4. I have lived in 32 different apartments / houses / etc. Yes, that means I lived in some places multiple times.

5. I went to 12 different schools K-12 and changed schools 12 times. I went to some schools multiple years. This means I have been back to the same schools a few times, just like being back to the same living places.

6. Although my dad was in the military, he wasn’t when I was growing up, so none of my moves growing up were military related, although a few of them in my adult years ARE military related as my husband is in the military.

7. I was in ballet when I was younger and I still miss it most days, although the thought of ballet doesn’t make me burst into tears anymore as it did for a number of years after stopping classes.

8. I … am drinking Raspberry Ice Crystal Light. Yeah. I ran out of ideas.

Here are the 8 bloggers I nominated




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aaaaand I have to think of an 8th blog I actually follow. To come later I guess.

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