After a three week stall (which I didn’t write about, oops…), the stall broke by my dropping 4.5 pounds. And then 6.5 pounds. That put my total loss where it is today – 79 pounds. Now, those who didn’t flunk basic math can see that 157-79 = 78. That means I am officially half way to my goal.


I’m still wearing some tops that are from pre-surgery, although some are only house-worthy in their bagginess. Others’ styles are more forgiving and so still in public use. Pants however… none that I was wearing are fit for out of the house wearing. But I have others I haven’t been able to fit into in a long time that have been resurrected from the depths of my closet. Some of those I’ve already shrunk out of again.

The pajama pants I’m currently wearing for instance. They’re a 3X WalMart find. They were snug when I bought them, impossible to wear pre-surgery, and now quite baggy. A tank top I wear around the house keeps falling off my shoulder.

My chicken wing arms are developing nicely (oh joy), along with the chicken wing legs (oy…). But it’s all good. It just means that while this year’s tax return is set aside for various bills etc., next years will be set aside for excess skin removal. *sigh*

You know, when I started out I thought that that aspect wouldn’t really bother me, and I’m surprised to find that it does. I look down and my shoulders are noticeably  thinner, but then I look under and see that flap of skin and it just annoys the crap out of me.

So many people I know are declaring their new year’s resolutions. In the past, of course, mine has been the same over and over – lose weight, get healthy. It seems like such a silly one this year since I’m already well on my way. To me it would be like resolving to not go to the moon. Or to not become a man. It’s a done deal Smile

Here’s a health note – Even though I haven’t been getting as much exercise as I could, I’ve still got a highly measureable better health indicator. My heart rate! While it’s never been super high, it’s gotten noticeably lower. Just walking back to the doctor’s office used to make it pop up over 80. Now, it stays right around 60. To me it’s amazing that simply losing almost 80 pounds can make that much of a difference. The marvel that is the human body. I guess it was a wake up call as to how much I really was hurting my body.

And I’m glad I’m done doing so Smile