So, it happened. Losing 56 pounds puts me at 261, the first weight where I honestly don’t know the last time I was this weight. I know that about a month or less after Emma was born I was down to about 265, having been at almost 300 pounds when she was born. Breastfeeding and a 8 1/2 pound baby, ya know. But, that didn’t last long.

I know that shortly before I got married I was on Weight Watchers and had gotten to 266. But, other than that, I really have no idea. The next weight down I remember was 220. That was in late 1994, so 16 years ago. That’s still a long ways off though Smile

Another moment, there are pants that I couldn’t wear that I can again! Today I wore a pair of 22 / 24 black chinos that I haven’t worn in… forever. See Brandon, keeping all those too-small clothes wasn’t so crazy after all Smile

I’m getting my fluids in more and more, and I discovered a weird thing. I found that if I got a 20oz bottle of Sobee Life Water 0, or Vitamin Water 0, that I would pretty quickly finish that, but it was taking FOREVER to finish the 32oz bottle of Crystal Light or whatever. I initially thought it might be the drink itself, so I tried an experiment. I saved a bottle when I was done and filled that with Crystal Light instead. Lo and behold, I finish those pretty quickly. So, I think it’s the combination of the bottle size and just being constantly aware of it. I had a 22oz bottle initially, but was still having issues. So, it’s probably also that I’m just able to drink more now. I do find that I can chug half that 20oz bottle at a time now which is awesome as that’s more how I’m used to drinking.

As for food, meh. I am discovering a more wide variety of things I can tolerate. Like, we went trick-or-treating at the mall and then had dinner at the food court. I had chicken teriyaki and it tasted great, settled great, and apparently didn’t have too much sugar. But I ate that same thing as leftovers for lunch – I ate too fast and, well, not so good. But that was my fault. So, I can eat more different things (still mostly protein though) but I’m still having that eat too fast issue some days. My new ‘normal’ food find though is a mini bagel with WW cream cheese. Awesome breakfast or lunch, tastes ‘normal’ and doesn’t seem to cause any issues. Carbs are still not 100% my friend (although we all need *some* carbs for our brains to function properly). I’m on the hunt for a way to get Thomas Bagel Thins though. They don’t seem to sell them anywhere local though, according to Thomas’ website. So, my next lookout is for the mini bagels in a multigrain type. Maybe a trip to Whole Foods or something…

For those who are curious, there is a ‘standard’ progression expected after weight loss surgery. Basically, there are certain ‘checkpoints’ along the way that are average losses. Here’s the chart:

Time post-op Date Percentage of EXCESS weight lost Pounds to loose
(based on an overage of 158 pounds, BMI of 25)
Goal Weight
(in parenthesis is my weight at that time, if available)
1 Month 9/9/10 20% 32 285 (289)
3 Months 11/9/10 38% 60 257
6 Months 1/9/11 57% 90 227
9 Months 5/9/11 66% 104 213
12 Months 8/9/11 73% 115 202
15 Months 11/9/11 73% 115 202
18 Months 1/9/12 73% 115 202
24 Months 8/9/12 76% 120 197
3 Years 8/9/13 71% 112 205
5 Years 8/9/15 66% 104 213

As you can see, it’s not ‘average’ or ‘expected’ to loose all your excess weight or even to reach your final goal, HOWEVER, many many do it. These are just medical averages. What’s nice is it gives me goals along the way. For instance, I didn’t make the 1 month goal, missed it by 4 pounds, but I’m only 4 pounds from the next goal which is next week. Again, I may not hit it, but I’m pretty darn close.

You can also see that some re-gain is also ‘expected’ or ‘average’. Again, some don’t really have this issue, while others do.

So, there you go. More than you ever wanted to know about the math involved, lol.