I decided to move my weigh-in day to Sunday. We go to church and I know that they’ll want to know how I’m doing so I figured weighing the morning of will give them the most accurate reading of that.


Start Weight 317
Last Week’s Weight 311.5
This Week’s Weight 299
Pounds Lost This Week 12.5
Pounds Lost Total 18

How I’m feeling – Pretty good. Pain is there, of course, but not as bad. I can sleep on my side which is awesome. Going to try church this morning. I’ll stay seated mostly.

My favourite thing to eat this week – As I said, I backtracked to mostly clear liquids, but I did have some Cream of Wheat here and there. Yesterday I wanted something savory (like the broth) but with some texture. Grits are allowed, but I didn’t have any so I thought I’d try preparing Cream of Wheat. So, I made some with water instead of milk, added a little fat-free butter flavour seasoning and a dash of salt. Yum. That was one of those “oh yeah, that hit the spot” things.

I’m still working on getting my fluid intake to where it should be, which is so weird as I used to drink tons of water. The trick now is that I can’t drink as much at a time as I used to, so it’s constant sip sip sip to get it all in. I’m only making it for about 24oz on a good day, in addition to the liquids I’m ‘eating’. I need to work up to the minimum of 64oz. Fortunately, I know that it’s expected, just have to watch for dehydration signs and not do anything to deplete the fluids I have.

Next week I’ll try the ‘full liquids’ approach of the soups, yogurt, etc. again and we’ll see how it goes.