Kind of like the old “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should”. Just because I can eat creamed soups and yoghurt and pudding, doesn’t mean I have to. I’m perfectly welcome to stay with clear liquids for a bit. After the last couple days, that’s what I’ve decided to do, and I feel much better today having made that decision (with bariatric doc’s blessing).

So, although technically I can eat more advanced things, the part my notebook doesn’t make very clear sometimes is that that is as long as it’s within what my pouch will tolerate.

I found that after just about every meal I was full, almost overly so, but not quite as it was more that everything felt … heavier than was comfortable. After sticking to just clear foods (SF Jello for breakfast and chicken bouillon for lunch) I found that I feel much better today. I’ve already been able to get in more fluids in between as well.

So, now I know. The guidelines in my eating plan are a maximum, not a minimum.

And now you know too 🙂