So, apparently my Cream of Potato soup may not have been the best thing for me last night. Although it was on my list of approved foods, this early in the game the small amount of fat may have caused my first experience with dumping syndrome.

Now, first off, dumping syndrome isn’t what it sounds like. It’s not actually throwing up, or the other way out. It’s called that because the fat and sugar ‘dumps’ into your small intestines too fast. It actually makes you shaky and not so good feeling. One thing I find fascinating is that I’d experienced dumping syndrome pre-surgery. Every once in a while I’d get all shaky and feel like I was cold. I wasn’t really cold but the quickest way to get me feeling better was to get all snuggled under blankets and get super warm. Last night I thought maybe it was just my body reacting to the stress it’s under, but when I posted about it on the WLS bulletin board, they all said it sounded like dumping syndrome and may have been triggered by the small amount of fat in the soup.

I’m just grateful that I know exactly how to make myself feel better should it accidently happen again, as I’m sure it will now that I’ve experienced it once.

I have a recipe to make my own cream soups that I think I’ll be trying instead. But it’s easy, so there shouldn’t be any issues there.

Live and learn.

This morning’s breakfast will probably not sound good to people with a non-deformed stomach, but it’s cream of wheat. Basically, prepare as directed for one serving, but add 1/3 cup non-fat dry milk. Then when it’s cooked thin with more liquid milk. That’s it. No butter, no sugar. But it actually tastes really good. Of course, one serving according to the box is more than a serving for me, so next time I’ll try to cut the ‘recipe’ in half so there’s no waste. Somehow I don’t think leftover Cream of Wheat re-heats very well…