Check in was 9:45. 10:30 I got my IV. Not sure exactly when after that I got into actual surgery, but I know that it was around 2:00 as I think that’s when Crystal said she tried to go get some lunch but the cafeteria was closing. Or that may have been when I was in recovery… I dunno.

I spent the rest of the day kind of in and out, getting hourly vitals taken, chewing on ice chips, etc.

I think it was around 8:00pm that we tried to get me up for the first time. I got to sitting up and got dizzy and nauseous. Let me tell ya, thinking you might throw up when you KNOW it will hurt like heck is not fun. So, we laid me back down. An hour or so later I think, we tried again. Got all the way up and took a short walk down the hall. Getting back down again I got dizzy and nauseous again, but it passed.

Later I had to pee again, so I called a nurse to stand by just in case. But, I got up by myself. Getting back down I needed some help getting my legs up on the bed. Then… 2am, I got up by myself, and back down by myself 🙂

Around 9am I was allowed some breakfast. Chicken bouillon, SF cherry jello, and lemonade. I passed on the lemonade, but got down about 2oz of the chicken broth and 1oz of the Jello. Took a bit of a nap 🙂 Around 12:30 they brought me lunch. There was a bit of SF Chocolate Pudding (did not want), a pureed chicken and carrot soup (pretty good) and a frozen SF vanilla protein shake that was very yummy. Not sure how much I ate, but did pretty good.

So, then it was time to go home. Took a bit of a nap while the kids napped and Brandon went and filled my prescription (liquid Loratab, which is Vicodin and Tylenol). For dinner I had 1/2 a cup of cream of potato soup that tasted yummy.

So, I’m feeling pretty good. Stomach is crampy, one or two incisions pull when I move and, well, gassy … but doing okay. I’m a little warm again so doing my breathing exercises to clear my lungs, sipping ice cold water, and remembering to get up and walk a bit.

Getting sleepy again though so I think I might go doze in my recliner, dunno.