I’m a mother of two little ones (Eion born 10/07 and Emma born 05/09). Brandon is the one that takes them to the park, or when we all go he’s the one that chases Eion around as I don’t have the energy to do it a lot, and that BUGS me. I hate walking past the ‘normal’ clothes and trying to find something that fits my style and my body. I hate squeezing myself into booths at some restaurants. But, I want to be clear that I don’t hate myself.

My weight has been up and down for a long time. When I was 6 I started Ballet. When I was 13 I had to give it up due to injury. When I was dancing, I could eat whatever I wanted as I had the metabolism and exercise to counteract it. When I didn’t have that any more, I didn’t replace the exercise with anything else and the spiral began.

Hindsight is 20/20 – When I was in either my freshman or sophomore year of high school, I went to Weight Watchers meetings with my dad. He’s been overweight all my life. I remember that my goal weight was 130 pounds, and, at 148 pounds with 18 left to lose, I felt I would NEVER get there.

Oh, to only be that 148 again….

I’ve done a few weight loss things over the years. Mostly, WW, which worked for a bit, but then pizza, cheeseburgers, etc. called my name and since the only consequence of eating those was ‘just’ maybe gaining weight, I’d ‘fall off the wagon.’ Plus, when I got married I married one of those annoying people that can eat half a pizza and not gain an ounce. So, once I was married and trying to lose weight it was even worse. He wanted pizza, we got pizza and I ate more than my fair share of it since I like pizza.

January of 2007 I hit my all time high (until recently) of 311.5. I was taking a relaxing bath one night and as the tub drained realized my fat butt was making a damn. That was it. I was done.

I tried Atkins, with quite a bit of success. When I got pregnant with Eion (March 07), I was down to 286 but, being pregnant, could not continue Atkins. I actually did pretty well while pregnant. The day before I gave birth (2 months early) I was 296. I had only gained 10 pounds in my pregnancy. I automatically ate smaller meals and was fine doing so. With pumping, etc. post pregnancy, when we brought Eion home at a month old, I was 275. Awesome! But, I could eat more again, eventually had to stop pumping, so weight climbed back up. I didn’t break 300 again though. I went back on Atkins at one point, but got a nasty stomach bug that turned me against that way of eating. Probably just a coincidence, and something I know I’ll have to get past again as my post surgery diet will be “protein first, veggies second, with carbs if I still have room”, but still…

September 08, found out I was pregnant again. I was 285, I think. This time, we made it full term. Again, I had only gained 6 pounds and had a 8 1/2 pound baby. Again, I ate smaller meals and was fine doing so. With pumping, etc. again, when Emma was 2 weeks old I was down to 265. I was ecstatic. But, I’d been here before…

And got there again.

After both pregnancies, it hit me. When I had a physical limitation to how much I could eat, I ate less and was fine doing so. This told me that maybe bariatric really would be a good idea. We had been living in Alaska and I would have had to travel for surgery, but now we were in Utah where I could have it locally. I went to my doc, he gave me the referral, and we were on our way.

December 09 I went to my first information meeting. January I had my consultation. Did blood work, etc. and was on my way. Then Brandon got deployed, and the process was put off.

Late May he came back I was able to finish up my psychological evaluation and get everything sent off to insurance. TriCare does things a little different so I was worried I wouldn’t be approved. Imagine my tears of joy when they called me with my YES! Even better, my insurance advocate seemed genuinely happy for me.

But my lab work was old, would I have to run it all again and wait for the results? Nope. I got everything else done just in time.

My greatest irony so far is where I was when I got the call for my surgery date. Ready for this?


Checking out all the things I wouldn’t be using much for a while. 🙂

So. My surgery date is August 9th (Roux-en-Y). Pre-op with H-Pylori screening is July 22nd. I start my pre-op liquid diet on August 2nd. This means I get my anniversary on the 27th, but no pop-corn when we take Eion to see The Wiggles on August 3rd.

But, it’s all good. 🙂